Chin Augmentation Surgery – Chin Implant

Chin Augmentation: is a surgical procedure of using implants for the chin to provide balance on the facial features resulting on an aesthetically favorable look.

Our chin is very much involved in the overall appearance of the face. Together with the nose, the chin can define poise of the face. Many cosmetic surgeons have involved rhinoplasty and genioplasty (chin augmentation) in 1 time operation.

Some cultures define chin as of great importance to one’s strength and weakness, the beautifully long chin portrays a gift of power, but in the other hand the short one is interpreted as showing feebleness.

Think of Chin Augmentation Surgery (Chin implant), think of Asia Cosmetic Hospital, Thailand

Today, “ Chin implant / Genioplasty ” is getting more widespread because the chin plays important role on our face such round face, long face, short face or any problems. The chin can be modified to create the figure you want and we can also alter your face shape without jaw surgery.

Chin Implant (Genioplasty) has Two Methods

  1. Silicone, this is used for minor amendment divided into inside mouth wound and outside mouth wound.
  2. Injection, this is to improve chin appearance.

Before Surgery Preparation : Chin Implant/Genioplasty

  1. Have some food and clean mouth properly

Chin Implant Surgery Method

  1. Surgeon will measure chin to divide and amend general face scale for surgery.
  2. Surgeon will sharpen chin as measured.
  3. Mouth will be cleaned.
  4. Painkiller will be injected around the chin.
  5. The desired position will be opened for silicone insert.
  6. Silicone will be inserted.
  7. The wound will be sutured as well as the inside muscles.

Care Direction After the Chin Impant Surgery

  1. Apply the cold pact for pain reliever
  2. Keep the head high while sleeping
  3. Do not smile too often.
  4. Patient could use lipstick around 2nd week after the surgery.
  5. Avoid spicy and hard-chewing food.
  6. Avoid alcohols.
  7. Do not pull or lick the thread in mouth as it is dissolvable.
  8. Beware of chin bumping.
  9. Avoid using voice for 2 days.
  10. Remove plaster on the 2nd day of surgery.
  11. The appointment will be on next month, for the wound examination.

Chin Implant Before and After Photos

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