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Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery has been popular among the people in Thailand, 80% of the population prefer to have this surgery. Today, if you have problems with your nasal appearance, don’t be too disappointed. Just consult your surgeon and inquire for possible procedure to be done.

Rhinoplasty  is very simple and does not cost much money.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Rhinoplasty (Augmentation)

Firstly, before you take the surgery, it is important for the surgeon to know the existing problems on your nose. They could be that your nose is too flat, too big, too small or too distorted. The surgery will be done exactly as you wish.

The nose can be separated into 3 parts. The first is the bridge of the nose . The second part is the alar (nose wing) , some people have too much skin in this area which  is not good for personality and the surgery can fix this problem and nose will be more in shape and more attractive. And the third part is the nose tip, you can see many actors and actresses in Thailand have their nose tip fixed into the shape of water drop. But all of these are dependent on your wish or you can fix all parts of your nose with us at once.

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The Nose Surgery Procedure (Augmentation)

The nose is an important part of our face and this can help us to look more attractive as well as helping to improve our personality and self-confidence. Mostly in Thailand, the nose surgery implants can also be categorized into 3 types: Cartilage, Silicone, and Filler.

The cartilage used in the nose surgery comes from different parts of our body such as from ears for cosmetic purpose or from our rib which is for the medical purpose to fix the disability.  And secondly, the silicone both instant and hand-made can be used for surgery too but they have different advantages. We use the hand-made silicone from our clinic in order to fit with your nose shape. The silicone surgery can be divided into 2 types, the first is to cover the wound inside the nose, this type helps patient to conceal their surgery wound and another type is the open wound surgery. The last material is the filler which will be injected in the nose to fix and alter nose shape; this method is not expensive and takes only a few days for recovery.

Hazards and complications

  • Surgical failure- it means to operate again the nose
  • Infection- an opening of the skin integrity will pose a threat to infection
  • Extreme bleeding – failure to stitch properly the incision sites
  • Breathing problems- very few cases , but this is just minimal and will slowly go away.
  • The risks and complications will significantly be diminished if you will follow the physician’s advice both before and after the operation.

Before deciding to have the surgery, one must talk to a certified plastic surgeon for more information.

Preparation before surgery

  • Medical history taking (determination of allergies, serious medical condition and all medications presently taken),
  • Physical assessment and laboratory tests will be performed during consultation.

Alcohol and other drugs

  • Stop drinking alcohol, a week before the surgery and throughout your recovery period.
  • The patient must not be smoking 3-4 weeks prior to surgery; nicotine may interfere with the healing process
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs as they can increase bleeding.
  • At least 4-6 weeks before surgery one should stop taking hormones, anticoagulants, steroids and supplements to prevent complicating medical factors prior to surgery.

Procedure Time

The procedure takes 45 mins – 1 hr.

Nose Surgery Procedure

  1. Properly clean up area around the nose hole
  2. Inject painkiller to relieve stress
  3. Separate the tissues into parts
  4.  Now this step depends on each surgeon techniques to insert silicone.
  5. Take a rest for 1 hour and go home.
  6. The operation thread needs not to be cut, it is dissolvable.

Care direction after the Nose Surgery

  1. Keep the head elevated while sleeping in the first 3 days.
  2. Do not lie on side for 1 week, this may cause the nose misshaping.
  3. Avoid drinking all kinds of alcohol.
  4. Avoid too spicy, too salty, too sour food and all kinds of pickle food is prohibited.
  5. Wash the face gently with mild facial cleanser
  6. Use cotton for cleaning.
  7. The surgery thread needs not to be cut but you need to see the doctor if required
  8. You’ve got to see doctor within two weeks
  9. Take the prescribed medications
  10. Avoid using any medicine besides the prescriptions.
  11. If the wound gets swollen or if heavy bleeding occurs, go to  the doctor right away.
  12. Remove plaster in the third day.

Types of silicone at Asia Cosmetic Hospital, Thailand

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Possible problem after operation

  1. Misshaped nose, this can be found very often as the nose will be distorted resulted from body’s immune system.
  2. The unstable silicone which can be found even after the surgery for years.
  3. The cartilage at the nose tip moves out due to the silicone misplacement.

FAQ on the Nose Surgery

Q : After 2 weeks of surgery,If the nose is inclined. Is a second surgery needed?

A :  No surgery is needed, just come and see the doctor to fix it.

Q : Is there any chance to get nose inflamed after the surgery?

A : There is a big chance, so the wound must be carefully taken care of .

Q : Which silicone is used in the clinic

A : Our hospital uses top classes of imported silicone types. (Which are reflected on the above chart)

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