How to prepare yourself for Transsexual surgery

How to prepare yourself for Transsexual surgery

How to prepare yourself for Transsexual surgery

Author: Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj

Tanongsak Panyawirunroj

Sex reversal is a process of treating patients with gender-related physical and mental disorders, namely gender identity disorder. Such patient has a body structure as a male, but his mind and sexual perception are female. Sex reassignment surgery is the last step of sexual disorder treatment. Prior to the surgery, it is mandatory that all patients pass at least two psychological tests and get a thorough understanding of their own needs. Here are necessary steps for SRS patients prior to undergo transgender surgery:

  1.  Consult with your parents, any patients who are under the age of 18 have to reach an agreement with their parents about their own mental and physical needs for sexual reassignment surgery.
  2.  Evaluate your own feelings for this need and consult a psychiatrist to find out the true needs by evaluating your mental state. You may encounter questions such as “How long did you express yourself as the opposite sex?” “Who was your mental counselor?” “What is your sexual orientation?” “How do you feel about your sexual organs?” “Do you have any health conditions?” “How do you plan to live the rest of your life?”
  3.  Get yourself ready before for the transformation. Try to express yourself and live in the way that your mind requires before transgender surgery to confirm your true needs. Generally, it is recommended that the patient expresses themselves the way their mental needs and receives a proper hormone therapy for a physical change about 1 or 2 years prior to the surgery. This is to ensure that the patient would be able to adjust himself to the community after the intervention. Then, the last step of physical change is Transsexual surgery that allows the patient to transform his/her body to be aligned with his/her mental condition.

Transgender surgery includes male-to-female transplant and female-to-male transplant. Of all transgender surgical techniques, Colon-Vaginoplasty is the most complicated of its kind and requires a high level of expertise of the operating surgeons in order to deliver satisfied results. All scrub nurses and relevant medical professionals have to be well trained. It is required that anesthesia induction is performed by an anesthesiologist who will monitor the patient’s vital sign during the operation. Physical examination such as blood test, chest x-ray etc is a mandatory for our SRS patients prior to the surgery. Here at our hospital, the test results will be re-evaluated by our cardiologist to reduce any perioperative complications.

In the process of hospital selection which is a very critical process, it is recommended that patients choose a reputable hospital with a high standard to ensure their safety, privacy and positive outcomes. Hospitals with the American Joint Commission International accreditation are highly recommended as they have passed the international standards for hospitals before getting accredited. This can be ensured that the particular hospitals maintain good hygiene and all their processes are aligned the international patient safety goal.

The best breast implants in Thailand

The best breast implants in Thailand

Guide to Breast Implants

Pre-operation for breast surgery

Before the surgery, Patients should consult with a qualified doctor before. The doctor will check the physical condition and the condition of the breast and ask questions about the history of the patient and the patient's doctor tells you. The doctor will not tell you the details on how to do breast augmentation surgery, the patient needs to choose a style of incision. Selection silicone, selection surgery. The period of convalescence and details Patients should tell your doctor before you start breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Before the surgery, patients should refrain from smoking before and after the breast augmentation surgery two weeks.
  2. Before the surgery, patients should not drink alcohol for at least five days to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling from the surgery, breast augmentation.
  3. Before the surgery, patients should avoid painkillers in all kinds of Ibuprofen, Aspirin or species that affect blood clotting at least two weeks.
  4. Before the surgery, patients should inform their doctor about medical history or allergy.
  5. Before the surgery, patients should abstain from food and water for six hours and cleaning before surgery.

Material used in breast surgery. Equipment and materials used in breast augmentation. There are various advantages and disadvantages but the materials of Asia Cosmetic Hospital already go through the FDA review and be on process of the FDA Approved.

  1. Material type of silicone breast implants.
  2. Materials type of saline bag implants and covering by shell of silicone bags as well.
  3. Material type of Polyurethane

breast implant mentor


Details of breast implants materials for used in the surgery.

1) Breast implants surgery by using silicone (Silicone Gel Implants).

Liquid silicone is silicone gel elastin contained within the silicone bag which using for breast surgery. Medical grade silicone is a silicone that has a high stability. Even cut in a half but the gel silicone still be inside, it will not came out . Moreover, the quality of the silicone bag is also highly durable and rigid molecules , this will help prevent leakage of silicone. Silicone has many characteristics Silicone shell could be smooth or silicon rough surface. The size of the silicone to use for breast augmentation surgery will depend on the needs of patients and appropriate.

The advantages of using breast implants with silicone gel.
- Breasts look more natural, the creases can be tough, silicone stability and you can have any activity as usual.
- Breast surgery using silicone gel. Patients need to stay just one night and can return to normal activities.
- Breast surgery by using silicone gel are placed on the patient in the long term, no risk of breast cancer. If patients have no complications from breast implants surgery.

The disadvantage of using breast implants with silicone gel.
- Analysis of chance of leaks from silicone bag difficult because if there was a break in large numbers wrapped around the bag will do not know the cause of the leak. Unless the collapse of large numbers wrapped around a silicone bag tear or liquid silicone bag leak of the bag, may cause membrane wrapped around a silicone again and this may cause the breast shape change from the original, and some may feel more solid which it could cause to have membrane wrapped around a silicone bag.

Breast augmentation surgery by using silicone gel method
- Breast surgery through the armpit.
- Breast surgery through areola.
- Breast surgery through mammary folder. (But this may be left a little scar).

2) Breast implants surgery by Fat injection (Fat Grafting).

Fat injection itself as bring the patient own fat spin and then injected back into the patient's breast. Fat can take from a variety of areas. Whether the thigh or abdomen. However this format is not as popular because patients must have sufficient fat in body and must be injected frequently. The body has decomposition of fat, more than 50% during the six months up to one year, and the range of about 1-2 years, it will break down fat.

Advantages of breast augmentation surgery by fat injection (Fat Injection)
- How is breast augmentation by fat injection. It causes few side effects and no foreign substances or additives. It also can help reduce excess fat in the meantime

Disadvantage of breast augmentation by fat injection itself. (Fat Injection)
- Normally, breast augmentation by Fat injection. Requires the expert doctors in preparation for fat and must be disinfect appropriately.
- The needs of patients may not meet the desired shape of the patient's breast by Fat injection.
- There may be swelling in that initial post-surgical breast augmentation with fat injection fill and will gradually disappear.
- Safety is not yet confirmed. Since calcium's fat cells are dead may have capsular contracture.

3) Breast augmentation surgery with saline bag (Saline Implants).

Breast augmentation by using saline bag is similar to breast augmentation by using silicone (silicone gel) looks saline bag has two bags of silicone outside (outer layer) and saline inside (inner) during surgery hours can add saline once inserted silicone bags into the position successfully. A breast augmentation with saline bag price is relatively higher. The ability to increase or decrease the size by new surgery is not required.

Advantages of breast implants by using saline bag.
- Doctors are able to diagnose the leakage of silicone bag easily. If there are saline leaks inside the silicone bag, saline is absorbed into the body without causing any harm.
- Breast augmentation by using saline bag will have less scars and there will be ability to add saline if needed to increase the size of the breast increases without new surgery.

Disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery by using saline bag
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bag, it could be worn, torn bags of saline solution easily and have more chance of leaking.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bags may cause creases easily due to the lack of flexibility.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bag overview look can see silicone bag easily.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bags may have flicker or ripple.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bag texture does not look natural.

Surgical breast implants by using saline bag.
This breast surgery has 3 types of surgery.
1. The doctor will insert the bag into the patient's breast before add salt water through a tube.
2. The doctor will insert the gel into the patient’s breast before add salt water which can be adjust the size.
3. The doctor will insert a saline bag that contained in the silicone which specified size.

Breast augmentation surgery and Incision.


  1. surgery through mammary folder this technique will hide a scar on the inner rim is made easy and can be arranged into a beautiful breast surgery for breast implants with tear drop and for those who like to wear sleeveless shirts.
  2. breast surgery through areola this technique will hide the wounds, disadvantages ; will need to have surgery through breast tissue and there may be numbness in the nipples and the size of the nipple which the nipple will need to be a large extent.
  3. breast surgery through the armpit this technique will hide the wound under the armpit to the folds of the skin of patients and probably will not see the scars. Some may not know whether they have breast surgery. Because no scar visible and prominent, very natural.

Risk of breast implants surgery.

Every kind of surgery, there are risks that may occur such as bleeding or infection congested, the incidence is estimated at 1-5%. The same as breast surgery. There may be some risk of complications. Also, breast surgery may cause capsular contracture which makes it hard to feel any abnormalities of the breast by one side. In some case, it may feel like that forever. For patients who had breast surgery can have breastfeeding.
Report patients who had breast augmentation. Some may have symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue and fever, the study can not be determined the relationship of these symptoms with breast surgery.
Breast implants surgery does not increase the risk of breast cancer when compared with women who did not undergo surgical breast surgery. However, there should be screening for breast cancer, as usual. The Breast Mammogram X-ray can be done but requires a special way of checking.

Post operation for breast implants

After the patient had undergone breast surgery. Patients may feel a little tight, a little pain for about 2-3 days to adjust the shape of breast in order will take around 1-2 months after surgery, breast augmentation patients may need to massage the breast to ease tightening the breast area by following doctor's instructions about 3-6 months.

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How to Choose Breast Implant

One thing that indicate woman as gender identity is beautiful breast. Any woman with a flat breast is sad. Because of this, breast augmentation is very popular. Therefore, medical breast implants’ development is continuously improved. And one thing was developed along with relentless. It is a breast augmentation materials to choose as you desire. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. So It is important to study information that our body is suitable for which material to get best result as wish.

Breast Augmentation is a surgery to increase the size of the breast. Or increase the breast size after having a baby, which after give birth, breasts make it look slack, not as good as before. Including the correction of breast for both sides of the unequal size or unusual shape. To help shape and form of breast to be better.
It also results in a better overall appearance, which gaining more confident.

The cause of the small breast, may come from genetic origin, accidents in breast, Breast cancer patients who undergo breast surgery, Or a sagging breasts, not be tight, Smaller breasts after childbirth, Including those with both sides of sizes are not equal. This often causes people to be not confident, concerned and stressed up.
So the best solution is to fix it with breast augmentation.


The methods of breast augmentation are available in a variety of ways.
Can be operated on multiple choices of incisions.
The incision under the armpit is a position that will see deep scars.
If you want to change the breast after surgery.
Another surgical site for different incision may need to be opened.
Such as breast base and arleola. Causes of other surgical wounds may increase and may be more painful. However, it is a good choice for those who do not want to have scar around breast area.
Because scar can be hide under the armpits, which are difficult to be noticeable.

Later, the wound under breast base is a very popular position. Because the wound is covered under the crease of the skin under the breast. And the opening of the wound around arleola, which is a position that can cover the wound very well. If the wound is inflammatory or swollen, it will notice the surgical wounds.
It also affects the breastfeeding. If the nipple is small, it can cause numbness.
Because of the need to operate through the breast milk vessel, there is a chance of infection. It may cause membrane at the breast.

There are also openings incision to the navel. This is the point that cover the wound is very good and will get a little pain. However, the need for surgery through an enlarged laparoscopy, through the stomach.
In some cases, it may cause vascular lesions in the abdominal wall. At the point of incision, opening the wound must be consulted and agreed with the doctor who perform surgery. The choice of incision, open wound also depends on the material used to supplement. There are variety of material used for breast augmentation to choose to be appropriate and satisfaction of patient. This is to make the new breast to be beautiful, get the size as patient desire, which is suitable and safe for patient who has breast augmentation.


Materials for breast augmentation is Silicone Gel Implants.
It is the most popular material in breast augmentation.
The gel is elastin or flexible elastomer as natural, which is packaged in a silicone bag with a smooth surface or rough surface. There are 2 shapes,
1. Silicone tear drops shape is suitable for those who have less fat on breast. Do not need to massage after surgery. It looks Natural.
2. Another shape is silicone round shape is suitable for those who have some volume of fat on breast. Surgery is quicker, but more take care after surgery.

Silicone bags are available in many styles, such as common gel, high density gel and very high density gel.
Silicone bag is the most popular today is High-density gel (Cohesive Gel) or high density gel bag, to be able to use it longer, to keep the original shape all the time.
If it breaks, it will not stick out, so it is safe very much. It also looks natural. Less risk of fibrosis. And fast recovery after surgery. It has a stronger feel than ordinary gel. Because of the high retention, the surgical wound is larger than normal gel.
The method of breast augmentation with silicone. There would be incision or wound to allow transfer silicone to area such as under armpits, areolar or breast base.
This is to implant silicone bags under muscles or on above muscles or between muscles. It depends on the suitability of each body.


The advantages of using a silicone breast enhancement bag are:

Get a new breast that looks natural, highly stable, can move your body normally. Take less recover. No complications found. However, there is a chance of fibrous tissue encapsulating silicone bags. This may cause the shape of the breast to change or harden.

Saline Implants for breast augmentation is consist of 2 layers of bags. The brine is in the inner layer and there is a gel bag on the outside.

The saline can be added after inserting into breast area, to adjust size either increase or decrease as appropriate or according to satisfaction of patient by supplementary without surgery.

The method of breast augmentation with the saline bag can be operated in three ways.
Doctor will insert the bag first and then add the saline through the vacuum tube as volume assigned during surgery.
Or put the gel into it and then add saline, which increase or decrease the size.
And put the saline bags in the silicone bags which fixed-sized already.

The advantage of this method is that it is highly safe because if the saline bag breaks or the leakage of saline water is not harmful to the body.

There will have small scars and can increase or decrease the size without surgery.

But there are cautions that this method is easy to be tearing or wrinkles. This can obviously see the shape as breast extra. And the texture is not the same as natural breast, so it does not look natural. The vibration may be occur, and/or sound. It also has a high price.

Self fat for fat grafting is a method of removing excess fat from the abdomen, thighs, hips, etc., to replenish or increase the size of the breast.
However, the addition of fat (fat transfer) makes the fat decay and the results are not satisfactory. The fat is added to dissolve quickly. It has been developed to solve the problem of fat quickly.

Doctors usually choose to use fat from the abdominal area or the inner thighs, or the outer thighs.
In the breast augmentation, the method of medical evaluation must be combined with the patient’s body fat to use in operation. How much fat is the size of the breast requested by the patient.

Then remove the fat from areas as quantity is set. When it is injected into the breast to increase its size, which is not injected into the breast tissue, but it is injected into the fat layer together to prevent the resistance.

The time taken to complete the whole procedure, from the suction step, including the process of breast fat injection is approximately 3-4 hours. The results are immediately visible to the large breasts look natural.

However, the exact results will be apparent after the third month after surgery, the doctor will inject larger to compensate for the fat dissolution. There may be swelling of the liposuction area, but no wounds, because it is injection, it is not open incision. Significant results are not permanent.

These fat will decompose in 1-2 years, if you want to inject more. This method is considered as a non-surgical method. This method has less side effects, and do not worry about the foreign matter as it is adding your fat to your own body. However, it must be repeated often because fat can decay and will decay in 1-2 years.

This method is not suitable for thin people and those who need a very large breast. Because there may not be enough fat to supplement. It is important to use the expertise of a physician in high surgical procedures to achieve good results.

One thing that must be done is to thoroughly study the information around. Completely before decide to do breast augmentation surgery, to have beautiful results, increase confidence, and worth it to pay the money. Always remember that it will stay in our body for a long time.

Breast Augmentation Breast Implants in Thailand

Breast Augmentation Breast Implants in Thailand

thailand breast implants

Breast Augmentation Surgery ?

What is breast augmentation, also known as breast augmentation mammaplasty or breast enlargement, is one of the most common plastic surgery in order to enlarge breast size and fix the breast shape by placing the breast implants under the breast tissue and over the chest muscle or under both the chest muscle and the breast tissue, depending on personally suitable position.

Why do I Should Have Breast Augmentation?

Over time, there are many factors such as age, pregnancy, significant weight loss and gravity that cause the size and shape of breast to change. As the breast size and shape are what most women concerns about, the breast enlargement is the best way to fix the unsatisfactory your cup size and shape. If you are one of those women who are dissatisfied with your breast size and shape, hesitate no longer! Our experienced artistic talented beauty surgeons who are specialize in breast implants surgery can help you transform your breast into the attractive and fascinating curves and contour the curves area to the rest of your body. Moreover, before deciding to have the breast surgeon, please feel free to consult and ask our surgeons any questions you are eager to know about your personalized breast augmentation surgery. We are very pleased to help.

What Breast Augmentation Surgery Won’t Do

The Breast Implants surgery can help with the size and shape of the breast, but the additional breast lift surgery may be required if the breasts are severely drooping and sagging. The surgeons can give you advices and help you decide whether you have to do this or not. The breast lift surgery can be done at the same time as the breast augmentation or may be done separately with the breast augmentation operation.

Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Before deciding to have the breast augmentation, you should carefully consider the expectations and the possible risks, then consult with the surgeon. If you are the one who would like to improve your breast size and shape; reconstruct your breasts after any surgery; contour your body; feel more confident on the clothes and swimwear; balance the uneven breasts; and have the body shape you want, the breast augmentation is the best choice for you.

Reviews Breast Augmentation Thailand Before and After Photos

Preparing for Surgery

Before having breast augmentation, the surgeon will show you the instruction list of what you should or should not do in order to make yourself ready for the operation.

Remember to follow this list of instructions strictly because your health and speed recovery depend on your behavior. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Inform the surgeon if you have any medications you are taking, allergies and medical conditions that you have.
  2. Avoid taking aspirin, blood thinning medications, anti-inflammatory drug, all vitamins and herbs for at least 2 weeks before the surgery, for these can increase bleeding while taking operation.
  3. Stop smoking at least 2 weeks is a must before having surgery as the smoke might affect the anaesthetics, and it will also prolong the healing process. If you are still smoking, the surgeon will definitely not perform the surgery. You can start smoking again at least 2 weeks after the augmentation
  4. Drinking alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited for at least a week before the surgery.
  5. No food and drink intake for at least 6 hours before the surgery.
  6. Please make sure you do not wear jewelry, make up and nail polish.

After the consult with our surgeon, you will get the special instructions which are what to do on the surgery day and post-operative care and follow-up.

Procedure of Breast Augmentation in Thailand

During the consultation, you have to make decision and agreement with your surgeon about the desired cup size, the placement of the implants, placement of the incision, the type of implant filled (silicone or saline), the shape of the implant (round or teardrop), and your expectations after the surgery. You surgeon will advise you the most suitable procedure for you.

During the breast augmentation, a breast implants which is a silicone-based material filled with silicone gel or saline is placed either under the breast tissue and over the chest muscle or under both the chest muscle and the breast tissue (follow the agreement that you and your surgeon choose before the augmentation). This does not help only to increase but also balance the breast size and restore the breast size and shape. For the severely drooping and sagging breasts, the breast lift is often necessary which may be done at the same time or separately with the breast surgery. The incision and insertion will be made either in the inframammary fold, around the areola or in the armpit. The incision will make in the unnoticeable areas in order to hide the scar. Our surgeon will give you advice about the procedure that suits you best. After choosing the best procedure, the breast tissue and skin will be lifted to make a pocket and the implant will be placed in that pocket. Then the surgeon closes the incision with sutures and applied bandages fixed with surgical tape.

Breast Augmentation Incision Placement

breast augmentation

In breast augmentation there are 3 types of incisions. 3 main incision options:

  1. Transaxiilary Incision – The incision in transaxillary or axillary augmentation is made through the armpit or in the axilla.
  2. Periareolar Incision – The incision in periareolar augmentation is made around the areola or the darker area around the nipple.
  3. Inframammary Incision – The incision in inframammary augmentation is made on the lower portion of the breast and slightly above in where the breast and the chest meet.

After Surgery

Post-operative care

  1. After the first or second day, the breast will be minimal swelling and pain, but rapid recovery (around 2 months or less). It will get better and relieve over time and around 6 months or more after the surgery you will see the final satisfactory result.
  2. After the augmentation, the specific instructions will be given to you. These instructions are as follow:
    • How to take care for your breast after the breast augmentation surgery.
    • The medication you have to take in order to heal, relieve pain and reduce the risk of infection.
    • When to get the follow-up with your surgeon.
  3. When to get the follow-up with your surgeon.
  4. If you have any questions besides the specific instructions given, please feel free to ask your surgeon; for example, you are able to ask the questions about what you expect during your recovery period (when the stitches will be removed and where you will be taken after the surgery is complete).
  5. Please keep the wound and incision dry by avoiding a moist environment.
  6. Vigorous activities, including playing sports, should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks.
  7. Avoid submerge in swimming pool, bathtub for at least a week, for you have to wait until the incisions closed.

Risks and Complications

In any surgery, there are risks and compliations. Similarly, there are risks of the breast augmentation procedure as follows:

  • Bleeding and hemotama formation
  • Fluid accumulation.
  • Infection
  • Poor healing of incisions
  • Keloid and hypertrophic scar formation
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation which may be temporary or permanent
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Capsule contracture
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Wrinkles of the skin over the implants
  • Remaining pain
  • Risks associated with anesthesia and possibility of revisional surgery.

However, since 2006, statistics show that only a low number of clients experienced the complications. Moreover, according to the scientific research, women who have breast implants are not at any increased risk of autoimmune or connective tissue disease. Thus, you do not have to be worried about the surgery. Anyway, if you wonder about the risks, please feel free to consult with our experienced surgeries; they can give you helpful advices and answers.

Breast Massage

After the breast implants surgery, proper breast massage will be advised by the surgeon personally for each client, depending on the type of implants, in order to achieve a good breast shape and decrease the risk of capsular contractures. The massage usually starts on the third day following the surgery, and it is instructed by the surgery during the follow-up time.

Breast Massage Procedure

The massage should be done at least twice daily, 10-15 minutes for each breast for 3 months.

  1. Position your both hands and gently push inward (bring your breasts close to each other)
  2. Gently move your hands outward to push breasts away from each other.
  3. Gently push your hands upward.
  4. Gently push your hands downward.

Why Should I Do My Breast Augmentation Surgery at Asia Cosmetic Hospital ?

Breast Augmentation in Thailand Tailored Specifically for You. Before you make the decisions, please feel free to consult us if you have any questions, our surgery are pleased to help you. During the process, since each client is different, the best procedure will be recommended personally just for you by the experienced beauty surgeons in order to match your needs.

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Review breast augmentation from Miss Ying

Review breast augmentation from Miss Ying

Review breast augmentation

Hello , I am miss Ying ,now I stay at Asia cosmetic hospital . My problem is small breasts. When I wear my clothes and I am not confident . I search the review breast augmentation from the Internet and the. I am very appreciate the review of Asia cosmetic hospital . Then I find the data of Asia cosmetic hosptital,

It found the Dr. Tanongsak who’s is the most famous plastic surgeon in Thailand.He is the true plastic. Surgeon and he is the Staff of Medical school , at Siriraj Hospital. I feel more and more confident. So I saw the hospital records. Asia cosmetic hospital has the very high standards ISO, JCI , world class standard. Therefore I decide absolutely to do breast augmentation at Asia cosmetic hospital and Dr Tanongsak
After consult with Dr. Tanongsak for the breast . He is very nice plastic surgeon and give the best information to me

breast augmentation review

Before entering the operating room , the staff keep my mind warm and welcome too much . I feel very good before the breast augmentation . Before the operation not only Dr Tanongsak to give the information ,the staff nurses at the operation room also give the information before operation too. After that the anesthesiologist gave the information motion for general anesthesia to me too

After operation, I felt no pain at all , it was very happy that after breast augmentation .I stayed at the recovery room for 2 hours and then the Pharmacist gave the information about the home medicine to me too.

For all of above , I am very appreciate to come to do the breast augmentation at Asia cosmetic hospital with Dr Tanongsak

When I stay at home , the staff at Asia cosmetic hospital called to me to follow up the symptoms and result and give the information to care the wound and activity . I felt happy and confident for this hospital too much

breast augmentation

Thanks you for the Dr. Tanongsak and Asia cosmetic hospital too much. If the friends who want to do the breast augmentation. Please come to Asia cosmetic hospital ,you will receive the best operation and best of all here .

How to select a breast augmentation approach

How to select a breast augmentation approach

How to select a breast augmentation approach?

One of the most widely-used approaches for breast augmentation is a silicone implant techique. Saline is contained inside the silicone bag. This bag would be placed at the sub-muscular position of the breast.

Autologous lipoplasty technique is another alternative for a patient who desires to perform breast augmentation. This approach would remove excessive fat cells including muscles and blood vessles from the unwanted area to be injected into the breast. This often uses with a patient who gets a breast cancer and needs to remove her breast.


Patients who perform a breast surgery can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Those who desire a bigger breast or need a breast enhancement for aesthetic purpose. This is nothing to do with disease. Most patients prefer using a silicone implant.
  2. Those who have a breast cancer and get their breast removed. These patients may need to get fat cells injection as a substitute for their breast. Lipoplasty is suitable for these patients as well as those whose breasts are not symmetry. Lipoplasty for breast augmentation (Thailand) is similar to those for other parts of the body. The surgeon also uses this technique with the eyebrow or cheek, however; the volume would be less. Normally, the process starts when the surgeon performs the Liposuction, purifies the fat cells and subsequently injects back into particular area. This technique does not need an opened incision and does not need local anesthesia. The surgeon would only apply a local anesthesia at the fat-removed spot and the fat-injected spot. This is not complicated and the surgery price is not expensive. The patients would become beneficial from both fat removal area, where the fat cells areunwanted, and fat insertion, where the fat cells are needed. The wound would be around 2-3 mm., which is really tiny. The wound would be hidden on the groin, which is invisible to the public.

For those who are interested in Lipoplasty, the surgeon would consider all factors related to the patients such as cancer history of the family members etc. Prior to the surgery, the sugeon would suggest the patient to perform a Mammogram check-up to investigate if there is any tumors existed in the breast. The surgeon would allow the patient to select fat removal areas.

There are several limitations for those who perform surgery using this technique. This approach allows only a slight enlargement of the breast. Lipoatrophy may occurs if the fat cells is over-injected into a small area and the Lipoplasty would not be efficient. Moreover, the injected fat cells may sometimes become cyst cells. Moreover, the injected fat may stick together and create some difficulties to the surgeon for the breast cancer check-up. This is the important reason why the Lipoplasty for breast augmentation is not as ubiqutious as silicone approach.

In conclusion, Lipo technique is suitable for a patient who desires a slightly bigger breast and silicone implant is suitable for a paitent who desires a really huge breast.

A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation

A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation

A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation

A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation

A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation

Just like another surgery, breast augmentation surgery has different criteria and qualifications before having the operation. Before getting yourself operated in the operating room, you first have to pass the pre-surgical contemplation.  You need to discuss to your doctor the possible options that you might have. It is necessary to think and understand the reasons why you seek breast augmentation and the process to its full extent. You should take into consideration the following to become a good candidate for breast augmentation.

  1. Know your real reason behind why you are taking the operation.
  2. Know your real self.
  3. Ask this question to yourself. Is this a realistic thing to do?

Make sure that you are physically and mentally healthy before doing the operation. You will run into different examination to know whether or not you are qualified to have breast augmentation. Stop taking some medications that might affect your health and those that can promote bleeding. Examples of those medications are aspirins which can cause excessive bleeding. You must have realistic expectation with regards to the results of breast augmentation. You must understand that breast augmentation is not cure for unhealthy lifestyle. Those are just few reminders on how to become a good candidate for breast augmentation.


Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery

A lot of women seek for changes in regards with their physical appearance and that includes resizing their breasts.

Breast augmentation is the leading cosmetic procedure today. It became very popular procedure among different races of women.

Plastic surgeons have been developing new techniques and at the same time performing the surgery. There are many ways to perform breast augmentation procedure. Nowadays, patients have different choices and they have the freedom to decide on what to have.



During the consultation, your plastic surgeon will examine your physical anatomy and give you the right procedure to minimize scarring and at the same time achieve the desired results that you wanted.

Make sure that you ask your plastic surgeon on what are the available options or techniques.

The procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours. There are actually two kinds of available anesthesia and that includes general anesthesia and local anesthesia but that actually depends on your doctor.

Remember that there are different breast augmentation incisions and different breast augmentation locations. Think well before proceeding. Think of what is right for you and what’s your need.  Just make sure that you get the right cosmetic surgeon.


Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

thailand - breast surgery

thailand – breast surgery

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are planning for breast implant then there two options available and they are silicone or saline filled shells used in breast augmentation and breast implant to enhance the size of patient’s breast. Thousands and millions of women around the globe today received breast implants for their own personal reasons. As technology changes, science and medical also upgraded and making new techniques of breast augmentation surgery. And because of that women become drawn in improving their figure.

1. Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Due to the continual advances in technology and science, gummy bear breast implant was made. It is the additional operation added to the family of breast implants. It is not yet approved by FDA but it is available in some countries.

 2. Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone gel breast implants are filled with silicone materials that can vary in consistency and firmness. They are filled before inserting in the breast.

 3. Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants have strong silicone shell and are filled with sterile salt water solution. They can either be pre-filled or can be filled through valve after inserted into the breast.

Those are just partial listing of types of breast implants. As technology enhances additional breast implant type is created.

Top Hits for Korean Surgery Right Now

Top Hits for Korean Surgery Right Now

Korean Surgery in Thailand

Korean Surgery in Thailand

There are many articles which we wrote about Korean Surgery for the purpose of good body looking both for teenagers and working ages. For teenagers who are thinking to do the surgery for Breast Augmentation, Nose Surgery and etc. should be approved by their parents and consult with the surgeon before doing the surgery.

Do you ever think that you will do surgery to be as other superstars for beauty and good looking purpose? Do you also think how old the suitable for doing surgery is? Let’s look for the answer. It depends on the consultation. From statistics showed that the aging is over 17 years old because the body will completely grow to adults that overlap between teenagers and working ages as well as encouraged mind is ready for the surgery. If you ask about the confident for good surgery and decision, we would like to introduce that the patients should be age over 17 years old which have not taken any side effects to body growth and surgery. Anyway, if the patients are lower than this aging, they have times to rethink about the surgery, they may change their minds when they are older than this period.

When we talk about Korean Surgery, some will think about Rhinoplasty for the first thinking because it’s normally for daily looking and being familiar saw. For example, when we wash our face we will see face shape and nose which are the prominent points therefore, Rhinoplasty is the top hit surgery or firstly thinking number. Korean Surgery in Thailand is not only for Rhinoplasty, but also other surgeries which are different types and purposes.

Besides Rhinoplasty, there are other types of Korean Surgery as;

  • Breast Implants ; this is for the persons who have small breast and prefer to increase the cup size or charming
  • Double Eyelids ; this is for the persons who do not like Japanese style. It’s not much favorite type for Thai because most of Thai already are double eyelids.
  • Chin Augmentation with Silicone Implants ; this is for the persons who have circle face shape to change for oval or V line shape and this may apply together with another surgery, Jaw reduction.
  • Jaw Reduction ; mostly apply together with Chin Augmentation to make V line face.
  • Lips Plasty ; this can make lips thinner or fuller, depending on the each fondness.

Recovery Breast Augmentation

Recovery Breast Augmentation

Recovery Breast Augmentation

Recovering is the most important part in a breast augmentation surgery process.

You will need to clear all your schedules or leave work to ensure that you have ample time to relax and rest so that it won’t interfere with your healing process of breast implant recovery.

By this time you will already know all the side effects and risks associated with breast augmentation. The approach of the recovery period will affect the results.

Breast augmentation surgery takes 1 – 2 hours procedure so in that case patients can go in and out of the clinic in few hours. But in most cases doctor want his patients to stay the night in the clinic or hospital.

After the breast augmentation surgery patients are brought to recovery room and will be closely monitored for at least two hours. Some patients may suffer dizziness or nausea after the breast augmentation procedure. Dizziness and nausea are normal reaction to the injected anesthesia and should subside within few hours.

It is also normal to feel pain when the anesthesia wears off,  in case this happens ask your doctor or nurse for to have execute necessary actions. Those are just few of the recovering techniques you can do to recover faster.