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Breast Surgery (Breast Augmentation) is a surgical procedure to adjust the breast size, the shape of breast more beautiful or Enhancement of small breast size or lift up sagging breast after pregnancy or from weight loss back to firm again. The breast can be supplemented with a silicone, saline bag or fat injection.

Breast enhancement Who is suitable for?

Breast surgery (Breast Augmentation) is especially suitable for small breasts and want to enhance the breast or those with smaller breasts after pregnancy and then want to increase the size or for women who have unequal breast problems , sagging breasts and those who have to cut the breast which caused by breast cancer.


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There are several types of breast surgery.

Breast surgery by using saline or silicone gel are inserted into the patient’s body. Doctors often choose to perform a surgery in areas where it is hardly to notice. In the area under the armpit or mammary folder or incision through the navel of the patient. There will be different steps including the results, the scars, technique and the most importantly, the price is different.

Breast enhancement with silicone under the breast ( mammary folder ), this method is a number one technique because it is not complicated compared with other techniques. Surgery under the breast also helps to avoid the wound on the breast. Concealed traces of surgery quite well after surgery. The patient will have fast recovery.

Breast enhancement with silicone under armpit. It’s another good way because the fold under the armpit will help to cover the wound after surgery. Surgery is a difficult spot to see. The surgery is perform under the armpit at the same crease of the armpit by nature. This makes the wound look harmonious but in some cases, the wound is still visible. Although the wound is under the armpit, how are the wounds?

It is a point that people do not pay much attention. So there is a scar under the armpits. So it is not a barrier to beauty in any way. In general, for surgery under the armpit. The surgeon recommends patients with a camera. ( endoscopic )This is a surgical device that causes small surgical wounds but it is not always necessary. It depend on a suitable, doctor’s experience. In addition, if the patient requires surgery with a camera. It will also increase the number of expense and this depends on the patient’s satisfaction.

Breast surgery by inserting silicone into the navel is another way. Few people know only. It has been proven by many medical authorities that a good result and effective. The surgery in this way is difficult because the doctor will need surgery by insert the saline bag into the navel. Which is considered a position far from the breast. More than surgery under the breast Or under armpit. So doctors are doing this surgery and must be a qualified doctor who have a good experience. The advantages of breast augmentation surgery through the navel. There will be incisions resulting from surgery at the navel. The surgery in this way. It costs more expensive than surgery in other ways as well.

Breast surgery with silicone at mammary folder, the breast milk breast surgery in this way. The silicone will be inserted into areola area or the base of the nipple, which can cover the scar as well. There is clear medical evidence. Nipple skin and the base of the nipple is scarred more difficult than other areas of the breast. The scar around this area will be more sensitive. It is better to clear that the patient consulted with the doctor well before surgery. To choose which breast surgery technique is suit each person.

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Breast augmentation Post operative.

  • Do not move much during surgery in the first 2-3 days should not move much. Should use the method of wiping to clean the body. On day 7th, the wound starts to dry can take bathed as normal. Usually, patients do not need to clean the incision by themselves. Until follow up date.
  • Avoid muscle activity. The recovery time of each patient is different. Normally, during the first 2-4 weeks, it may not be easy to make daily activities. It is also a time of new surgery. It makes you feel sick and uncomfortable. Avoid heavy lifting. exercise and driving in this period
  • Eat well After the surgery. To focus on eating fruits and vegetables that are easy to digest and nutrients that are beneficial to the body because there are some foods that can cause high blood pressure. It may result in wound bleeding or swelling of the wound, the wound healed slowly. Therefore, refrain from junk food. Food that is no longer useful to the body for 14 days after surgery, wait until the wound is healed
  • Smoking after 2-4 weeks of surgery should be strictly prohibited. Because nicotine in cigarettes reduces blood and oxygen to the wound area. The substance will destroy the cell. To repair the skin itself
  • Breast surgery, in addition to the cost of the operation we need to study of information before making any decision because the breast surgery, it can be the advantages and disadvantages. Expert consultation or inquiries from relatives or friends who has been done before. It will help us get the complete information as well.

Post operative care after breast surgery.

After breast surgery can feed a baby ?

After breast surgery you can do breastfeed as usual. Because of medical research found. There is no contamination of silicone in the mother’s milk, can conceive And breastfeeding without Harm to the baby. But in the group of breast surgery who has wound around the placenta may cause some problems in breastfeeding. In addition, it was found that breast pain later may be seen that shrinkage of mass but it can be fixed with antibiotics. It helps to relieve symptoms and make it better. The best way is when there is breast pain or the beginning of inflammation of the breast recommend to consult a doctor.


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The breast size, one of the things that are very important for women. For lucky people born with a big size of breasts or standard size it is fortunate but there are many girls with small breasts and not confidence with the size of the breasts. Which is currently there are new technologies about breast surgery increasingly. It has a variety of price and standard, but very important before deciding to do breast surgery. It is important to have a good education on what the advantage and disadvantage are. To prevent faulty decisions, Today we have good information before deciding to have breast augmentation.

Wait until the right age to have breast surgery. Have to wait for the body to fully mature. The ideal time for having is between the ages of 20 to 22, so you should not be impatient, should wait for our body ready. Otherwise, it may have many effects on the body in the future.

Having breast surgery feel like hurt by the car run over ?This is another piece of information. It has been confirmed by many girls who have been through breast surgery. After that, it will hurt a lot. Due to the side effects from the surgery itself. So for anyone who is decide to have breast surgery there prepare yourself well with this.

Breast shapes and materials of used need to study well. Materials of used is another thing that needs to pay attention. Because the first good decision will not waste the time and hurt many. There are many options.

Each of them has all the different advantages and disadvantages. The price is different too. Therefore, in the decision to choose a good breast augmentation from the beginning. If not decided then can consult a surgeon before.

Prepare a bra with a hook attached to the front before go to the hospital for surgery. After surgery, many people raise their arms. So there is a problem in wearing a bra with armpit surgery, will cause a lot of pain. So, do not forget to put on a bra with a button or a front hook, it is very important. A new bra that fit comfortably after the breast is completed. There will be time to change your new bra because of the size of the breast itself. But for girls, the new surgery should not use underwear with wires because it causes too much breast compression

If this is the cause of the island. So during the first after surgery. Should change to a bra. Flexible fabrics are better. It does not tighten the breast such as sports bra or bra without straps. Or a bra for those who are wearing a particular breast.

Surgical crates should massage the breasts regularly. After the breast surgery is complete. There is always a need for constant breast care. With breast massage to prevent it. This can be done with 4 simple steps, about 10 minutes each day.

Start by using both hands gently push the breast into the middle. Keep breast tight when turned right, hold it for 10 seconds and slowly loosen it

Then use the hand to push the breast. From the middle to the side. To push the silicone out of the body, hold it for 10 seconds and loosen it.

Continue using the palm of the breast lift up to the top as much as possible and hold for 10 seconds.

In the final stage Use both palms to reconcile and gently pushing the breast down for 10 seconds, then slowly release the hand

When all four steps have been completed. Start breast massage from the first posture again. Repeat until the breast is not hard to fight it.

Scars, anyway after surgery Must have a certain scars. But more or less It depends on the expertise of the surgeon. And take care of yourself You can take care of yourself easily. By using a cream to reduce scarring. May help reduce the scars.

Do the MRI scan on a regular basis. After breast surgery. Still need to do MRI scan on a regular basis. To check the material that is used to strengthen the breast Is the silicone breast still in good condition? So for girls. I want to make a breast then. The cost should be used in this section as well
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