Is a surgical removal of one or both breasts.


Generally, the removal of the breasts has no complications. However, we cannot deny the fact that all surgical procedures carry some risks.

There may be some short term pain and inflammation of the operative area. Scar may be present too.

Here are the most common possible complications:


Burning sensation and lack of feeling on the surrounding area of the chest could be possible especially if lymph nodes are removed. You may have the possibility to have lymphoedema. This is a case where fluid will be collected under your arm which can cause pain.
Early treatment of this could make it manageable.

Seroma formation

This is the accumulation of body fluids beneath the skin of the chest. It is ideal to talk to your health care provider if you notice this kind of phenomenon on yourself.


Every break on the skin integrity would possibly lead to infection. Proper wound care is very important to prevent this certain kind of condition.


One must first and foremost talk to your surgeon so that you can be able to discuss what the things to prepare specifically for you. You need to open up to the surgeon the medications and food supplements you are currently taking.
You need to stop as soon as possible smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol and avoid taking blood thinning medications such as aspirin or any aspirin containing drugs.
Be psychologically prepared as well. Study the procedure and open up your mind for the recovery process.


The procedure might take 2-3.5 hours.
The patient will be hooked with monitoring machines. General anesthesia will be used. The breast tissues will be incised and removed. And the surgeon will close the skin opening left behind. Sutures or staples might be used in closing the incision. A drain usually will be attached to facilitate draining of body fluids.


Many patients don’t experience serious complications and recover very well.
Right after the operation you may feel tenderness on the surgical area.
It is the responsibility of the health care team to do the wound care effectively during your stay at the health care facility. You may have some drainage tubes and plasters that need to be check regularly.
You may be discharged from the facility after 3-5 days depending on the extent of the surgery. You will continue to recover at home and should fully get well after 2 months.


Many patients get depressed on the sudden change of physical appearance. Their discouragement will greatly depend on the reason of their mastectomy.
That is why it is so important to completely prepare yourself right before you decide to get the surgery. If you feel low, you must always remind yourself why you decided to completely remove your breasts.

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