Temporal Lift
Temporal Lift

Temporal Lift

Aging Face – Temporal Lift

Temporal lift -focuses on the aging around the eye. This procedure can be combined with forehead lift, and eyebrow lift. The surgeon makes a small incision in the hair above the ear thus making it hidden and not visible.

The procedure usually takes is about 1 hour depending upon the extent of surgery.

In temporal lift recovery is faster depending on the patient. A week is enough to avoid social life and hard work. On the 8th day the small clamps staples are removed in the hair bearing scalp.

In the first 10 days swelling in the upper part of the face and eyelids are visible but will immediately subside while the edema residue will disappear in few months. Sometimes hair loss is possible but very rare. Patient is recommended to take light activity for the first 10 days and should able to work 7-10 days with makeup to cover little bruises.

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