Eyebrow Lift
eyebrow lift

eyebrow lift

Aging Face – Eyebrow Lift

If you find it strange that your outer brow line is dropping then Asia Cosmetic Hospital offers cosmetic surgery that corrects it. The eyebrow lift is the immediate remedy that a surgeon can offer. This procedure can be done together with blepharoplasty and or any other procedures. The incisions are placed in the hairline. The main process of eyebrow lift involves removing excess skin which lifts the outer corners of the forehead. Patients with drooping ends of eyebrow are the prospect for this procedure.

The procedure normally takes 20 -30 minutes. After the surgery forehead is taped and head is loosely wrapped with soft compressive dressing for about 1 – 2 days to minimize swelling and bruising. For any excess blood, a thin tube is present to drain it. To prevent pain and infection, usually patient is prescribed to take analgesic and antibiotics. After 5 -7 days after the operation sutures will be removed. But patient can resume their work in about a week. In this kind of procedure complications are very rare but there are some risks associated. The risk includes unable to move their eyebrows or forehead, scar formation and hair loss in the area where the scar occurred, and infection, bleeding. Asia Cosmetic Hospital guarantee total performance of doing our best to achieve 100% quality service. 

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