Rhinoplasty Reduction


thailand rhinoplasty reduction

Rhinoplasty Reduction

Rhinoplasty Reduction / Nose Surgery Reduction

Rhinoplasty Reduction: is a cosmetic surgical procedure wherein the nasal bone and other underlying structure is scrapped or shaved to make the nose appear smaller and appealing to look at. Other nasal parts would still be altered in accordance with the present nasal structure. The tip , the wing area (alar) and the bridge would be shaped to bring out the best beauty in one’s nose.

This surgery has almost the same condition with the other procedure called rhinoplasty augmentation. Thus , its preparation and after care is quite similar.  The consequences and risks may still be the same.

So for the patient, the after care must still be like the nasal augmentation procedure.

Self-preparation before Surgery:

(at least a week before surgery)

1. Avoid smoking

2. Avoid alcohol

3. Avoid blood thinning drugs: (Aspirin, Nicotine, Vit. E)

4. Eat a variety of healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

During Surgery:

One must be physically ready enough.

1. Remove all nail colors

2. Be early at the clinic

3. Ensure that your mind is also ready.

After Surgery:

1. Expect swelling and bruising (not the massive type)

2. Take it easy on movements.

3. Rest in an elevated head postion.

4. Avoid leaning over.

5. Take special care in preventing your nose from being hit by any manner.

6. Continue to consume a lot of healthy foods as tolerated by your body.

7. Walk around after a few days (promotes blood circulation)

8. Maintain cleanliness on the operative site.

9. Take heed strictly of the post operative orders by the doctor.

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