Buttock augmentation

Buttock Augmentation , Buttock implants thailand

Many young people often have problems with the buttock . Some people have flat buttock , some people have the sagging buttock . When the people wear the dress , they are not satisfy their shape and loss of confident . Thus  the buttocks augmentation ( buttock implants ) or hip augmentation  are resolve the problems . Make the body shape to pretty and enhance the personality

How to do the hip augmentation or buttock augmentation

  1. butt augmentation or hip augmentation by the silicone gel implantation .The Silicone implantation  is the standard and the most famous for hip augmentation or buttock augmentation ( buttock implants ) . It is still lifelong and very safety for the hip Augmentation or buttock augmentation
  2. Hip augmentation or buttock augmentation ( buttock implants ) by filler injection. It is not the standard for the hip augmentation or buttock augmentation.
  3. Hip augmentation or buttock augmentation ( buttock implants ) by the fat transfer injection. The fat injection use by own fat from the body and transfer to butt or hip . The advantage is safety because it use your own fat from the body. The disadvantage is the fat will resolve itself in the future

Before & After buttock implants

buttock augmentation, buttocks implants in thailand

buttocks implants in thailand

Silicone use for buttock augmentation or hip augmentation

The silicone used is silicone gel only. Because the silicone gel is more flexible and it is  capable of weight loads. The silicone gel to use for hip augmentation or buttock augmentation ( buttock implants ) has the high density. The shape of silicone has round type and  tear drop type

The position to place the silicone gel for hip augmentation or buttock augmentation

  • Under the skin . Silicone gel will implant under the skin but upper to the muscles . This position is very safety and no damage the nerve. The hip or buttock will beautiful curve. The disadvantage is easy to perforate than between the muscle
  • Between the muscle . The disadvantage of this method is After surgery , it is more pain than under the skin . The surgery is difficult because a lot of nerve.

Both method, the surgery must to do under expertise plastic surgeon

The preparation before the hip augmentation or buttock augmentation

  • Do not take the aspirin or vitamin about 1-2 weeks before surgery
  • Avoid alcohol And stop smoking before surgery about two weeks.
  • Abstain from all medications and supplements.
  • On the day of surgery. Patients must abstain from food and water six hours prior to surgery.
  • If you have the drug alley or drug hypersensitivity or diseases. You must to tell the plastic surgeon before surgery

The process of the hip augmentation or buttock augmentation

After the people consulted with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will choose the position for implantation and the type of silicone gel implantation .The surgery will do under  general anesthesia by anesthesiologist

The plastic surgeon will cut the skin  at the hips back (the groove of the buttocks) of approximately 5 cm depending on the individual case. And then the silicone gel will implant via this route and the plastic surgeon will correct the position and shape at the suitable site and right position . After finish the surgery , the plastic surgeon will close the wound by the stitch


For some patients with hip or buttock sagging, the plastic surgeon will  lift the buttock or hip in the same time. The postoperative period , the  people  should not stand or move your body too much. The hip augmentation or buttock augmentation ( buttock implants ) take the operation time about 2-4 hours

After surgery, your hip or buttocks augmentation ( buttock implants ) will larger, beautiful and look natural

Post operative care after the hip or buttock augmentation

  • After surgery, patients will admit at the hospital about 1-2 days.
  • During 3 days after surgery , the people should not move the body too much and after 3 day , the people should gradually move
  • For 1 week after surgery the people  should not be prone position
  • For 2 weeks after surgery, the people can sit on the soft bed.
  • The swelling of Hips or buttocks may still about one to three months, and the symptoms are gradually better
  • the shape of the buttock or hip will stable about 6 month after surgery
  • the people must to follow up to the plastic surgeon regularly