Body Fat Transfer Risks and Results

In every operation there are always risk and possible side effects in the body. One of the most common risks associated with body fat transfer or another method of liposuction is that your body tends to absorb transferred fat at some degree. Each patient differs on how implanted fat will absorbed in your body but plastic surgeons have given amazing results when performing this procedure. Actually the results depends on different factors which includes how much fat is removed, how it was concentrated and treated, how much was injected in the body, and where it was injected. But the body’s ability to metabolize and break down fat is uncontrollable factor. The perfect result from body fat transfer or fat grafting depends on the fat that survives in the transfer. Fat cells begin to die as soon as it was removed from the body. In order to achieve the best results, fats inserted into the target area for fat grating need to survive. Plastic surgeon at first inserts few cells at a time to preserve red blood cells which results to stabilize in the new cell location. But the liposuction treatment needs to be repeating to achieve the desired results. If the transfer is successful then results will be great than any other procedure.


Before and After Liposuction with Asia Cosmetic Hospital

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Liposuction in Thailand – Dr.Tanongsak

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Thailand Liposuction – Dr.Tanongsak