The best breast implants in Thailand

The best breast implants in Thailand

Guide to Breast Implants

Pre-operation for breast surgery

Before the surgery, Patients should consult with a qualified doctor before. The doctor will check the physical condition and the condition of the breast and ask questions about the history of the patient and the patient's doctor tells you. The doctor will not tell you the details on how to do breast augmentation surgery, the patient needs to choose a style of incision. Selection silicone, selection surgery. The period of convalescence and details Patients should tell your doctor before you start breast augmentation surgery.

  1. Before the surgery, patients should refrain from smoking before and after the breast augmentation surgery two weeks.
  2. Before the surgery, patients should not drink alcohol for at least five days to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling from the surgery, breast augmentation.
  3. Before the surgery, patients should avoid painkillers in all kinds of Ibuprofen, Aspirin or species that affect blood clotting at least two weeks.
  4. Before the surgery, patients should inform their doctor about medical history or allergy.
  5. Before the surgery, patients should abstain from food and water for six hours and cleaning before surgery.

Material used in breast surgery. Equipment and materials used in breast augmentation. There are various advantages and disadvantages but the materials of Asia Cosmetic Hospital already go through the FDA review and be on process of the FDA Approved.

  1. Material type of silicone breast implants.
  2. Materials type of saline bag implants and covering by shell of silicone bags as well.
  3. Material type of Polyurethane

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Details of breast implants materials for used in the surgery.

1) Breast implants surgery by using silicone (Silicone Gel Implants).

Liquid silicone is silicone gel elastin contained within the silicone bag which using for breast surgery. Medical grade silicone is a silicone that has a high stability. Even cut in a half but the gel silicone still be inside, it will not came out . Moreover, the quality of the silicone bag is also highly durable and rigid molecules , this will help prevent leakage of silicone. Silicone has many characteristics Silicone shell could be smooth or silicon rough surface. The size of the silicone to use for breast augmentation surgery will depend on the needs of patients and appropriate.

The advantages of using breast implants with silicone gel.
- Breasts look more natural, the creases can be tough, silicone stability and you can have any activity as usual.
- Breast surgery using silicone gel. Patients need to stay just one night and can return to normal activities.
- Breast surgery by using silicone gel are placed on the patient in the long term, no risk of breast cancer. If patients have no complications from breast implants surgery.

The disadvantage of using breast implants with silicone gel.
- Analysis of chance of leaks from silicone bag difficult because if there was a break in large numbers wrapped around the bag will do not know the cause of the leak. Unless the collapse of large numbers wrapped around a silicone bag tear or liquid silicone bag leak of the bag, may cause membrane wrapped around a silicone again and this may cause the breast shape change from the original, and some may feel more solid which it could cause to have membrane wrapped around a silicone bag.

Breast augmentation surgery by using silicone gel method
- Breast surgery through the armpit.
- Breast surgery through areola.
- Breast surgery through mammary folder. (But this may be left a little scar).

2) Breast implants surgery by Fat injection (Fat Grafting).

Fat injection itself as bring the patient own fat spin and then injected back into the patient's breast. Fat can take from a variety of areas. Whether the thigh or abdomen. However this format is not as popular because patients must have sufficient fat in body and must be injected frequently. The body has decomposition of fat, more than 50% during the six months up to one year, and the range of about 1-2 years, it will break down fat.

Advantages of breast augmentation surgery by fat injection (Fat Injection)
- How is breast augmentation by fat injection. It causes few side effects and no foreign substances or additives. It also can help reduce excess fat in the meantime

Disadvantage of breast augmentation by fat injection itself. (Fat Injection)
- Normally, breast augmentation by Fat injection. Requires the expert doctors in preparation for fat and must be disinfect appropriately.
- The needs of patients may not meet the desired shape of the patient's breast by Fat injection.
- There may be swelling in that initial post-surgical breast augmentation with fat injection fill and will gradually disappear.
- Safety is not yet confirmed. Since calcium's fat cells are dead may have capsular contracture.

3) Breast augmentation surgery with saline bag (Saline Implants).

Breast augmentation by using saline bag is similar to breast augmentation by using silicone (silicone gel) looks saline bag has two bags of silicone outside (outer layer) and saline inside (inner) during surgery hours can add saline once inserted silicone bags into the position successfully. A breast augmentation with saline bag price is relatively higher. The ability to increase or decrease the size by new surgery is not required.

Advantages of breast implants by using saline bag.
- Doctors are able to diagnose the leakage of silicone bag easily. If there are saline leaks inside the silicone bag, saline is absorbed into the body without causing any harm.
- Breast augmentation by using saline bag will have less scars and there will be ability to add saline if needed to increase the size of the breast increases without new surgery.

Disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery by using saline bag
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bag, it could be worn, torn bags of saline solution easily and have more chance of leaking.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bags may cause creases easily due to the lack of flexibility.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bag overview look can see silicone bag easily.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bags may have flicker or ripple.
- Surgical breast augmentation by using saline bag texture does not look natural.

Surgical breast implants by using saline bag.
This breast surgery has 3 types of surgery.
1. The doctor will insert the bag into the patient's breast before add salt water through a tube.
2. The doctor will insert the gel into the patient’s breast before add salt water which can be adjust the size.
3. The doctor will insert a saline bag that contained in the silicone which specified size.

Breast augmentation surgery and Incision.


  1. surgery through mammary folder this technique will hide a scar on the inner rim is made easy and can be arranged into a beautiful breast surgery for breast implants with tear drop and for those who like to wear sleeveless shirts.
  2. breast surgery through areola this technique will hide the wounds, disadvantages ; will need to have surgery through breast tissue and there may be numbness in the nipples and the size of the nipple which the nipple will need to be a large extent.
  3. breast surgery through the armpit this technique will hide the wound under the armpit to the folds of the skin of patients and probably will not see the scars. Some may not know whether they have breast surgery. Because no scar visible and prominent, very natural.

Risk of breast implants surgery.

Every kind of surgery, there are risks that may occur such as bleeding or infection congested, the incidence is estimated at 1-5%. The same as breast surgery. There may be some risk of complications. Also, breast surgery may cause capsular contracture which makes it hard to feel any abnormalities of the breast by one side. In some case, it may feel like that forever. For patients who had breast surgery can have breastfeeding.
Report patients who had breast augmentation. Some may have symptoms such as joint pain, fatigue and fever, the study can not be determined the relationship of these symptoms with breast surgery.
Breast implants surgery does not increase the risk of breast cancer when compared with women who did not undergo surgical breast surgery. However, there should be screening for breast cancer, as usual. The Breast Mammogram X-ray can be done but requires a special way of checking.

Post operation for breast implants

After the patient had undergone breast surgery. Patients may feel a little tight, a little pain for about 2-3 days to adjust the shape of breast in order will take around 1-2 months after surgery, breast augmentation patients may need to massage the breast to ease tightening the breast area by following doctor's instructions about 3-6 months.

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