Korean Surgery in Thailand

Korean Surgery in Thailand

There are many articles which we wrote about Korean Surgery for the purpose of good body looking both for teenagers and working ages. For teenagers who are thinking to do the surgery for Breast Augmentation, Nose Surgery and etc. should be approved by their parents and consult with the surgeon before doing the surgery.

Do you ever think that you will do surgery to be as other superstars for beauty and good looking purpose? Do you also think how old the suitable for doing surgery is? Let’s look for the answer. It depends on the consultation. From statistics showed that the aging is over 17 years old because the body will completely grow to adults that overlap between teenagers and working ages as well as encouraged mind is ready for the surgery. If you ask about the confident for good surgery and decision, we would like to introduce that the patients should be age over 17 years old which have not taken any side effects to body growth and surgery. Anyway, if the patients are lower than this aging, they have times to rethink about the surgery, they may change their minds when they are older than this period.

When we talk about Korean Surgery, some will think about Rhinoplasty for the first thinking because it’s normally for daily looking and being familiar saw. For example, when we wash our face we will see face shape and nose which are the prominent points therefore, Rhinoplasty is the top hit surgery or firstly thinking number. Korean Surgery in Thailand is not only for Rhinoplasty, but also other surgeries which are different types and purposes.

Besides Rhinoplasty, there are other types of Korean Surgery as;

  • Breast Implants ; this is for the persons who have small breast and prefer to increase the cup size or charming
  • Double Eyelids ; this is for the persons who do not like Japanese style. It’s not much favorite type for Thai because most of Thai already are double eyelids.
  • Chin Augmentation with Silicone Implants ; this is for the persons who have circle face shape to change for oval or V line shape and this may apply together with another surgery, Jaw reduction.
  • Jaw Reduction ; mostly apply together with Chin Augmentation to make V line face.
  • Lips Plasty ; this can make lips thinner or fuller, depending on the each fondness.