Review breast augmentation

Hello , I am miss Ying ,now I stay at Asia cosmetic hospital . My problem is small breasts. When I wear my clothes and I am not confident . I search the review breast augmentation from the Internet and the. I am very appreciate the review of Asia cosmetic hospital . Then I find the data of Asia cosmetic hosptital,

It found the Dr. Tanongsak who’s is the most famous plastic surgeon in Thailand.He is the true plastic. Surgeon and he is the Staff of Medical school , at Siriraj Hospital. I feel more and more confident. So I saw the hospital records. Asia cosmetic hospital has the very high standards ISO, JCI , world class standard. Therefore I decide absolutely to do breast augmentation at Asia cosmetic hospital and Dr Tanongsak
After consult with Dr. Tanongsak for the breast . He is very nice plastic surgeon and give the best information to me

breast augmentation review

Before entering the operating room , the staff keep my mind warm and welcome too much . I feel very good before the breast augmentation . Before the operation not only Dr Tanongsak to give the information ,the staff nurses at the operation room also give the information before operation too. After that the anesthesiologist gave the information motion for general anesthesia to me too

After operation, I felt no pain at all , it was very happy that after breast augmentation .I stayed at the recovery room for 2 hours and then the Pharmacist gave the information about the home medicine to me too.

For all of above , I am very appreciate to come to do the breast augmentation at Asia cosmetic hospital with Dr Tanongsak

When I stay at home , the staff at Asia cosmetic hospital called to me to follow up the symptoms and result and give the information to care the wound and activity . I felt happy and confident for this hospital too much

breast augmentation

Thanks you for the Dr. Tanongsak and Asia cosmetic hospital too much. If the friends who want to do the breast augmentation. Please come to Asia cosmetic hospital ,you will receive the best operation and best of all here .