After the sex reassignment surgery, the recovery period is on the go. You must keep in mind the aftercare procedures. Make sure that the wound should be washed gently with Hibiscrub with betadine solution and after that apply douching while seating in the toilet. The following are the procedures on how to apply douching.

Sex Change Male to Female Photos

Sex Change Male to Female Photos

Sex Reassignment Surgery Post-Operative Care

  1. Douche solution should be proportion. 5 – 10 ml (cc) of Betadine solution mixed with 1L of water.
  2. Insert the douche to full depth then squeeze and hold tightly the container.
  3. While holding the container make sure to extract the douche.
  4. Keep the wound dry and apply Betadine solution with cotton balls.
  5. Apply Kemicitine ointment with cotton applicator.

If there is some bleeding, make sure to put pressure with a dry cotton ball to the site for about 15 minutes. During the first few weeks after the operation, tampons should be changed several times in a day due to vaginal bleeding. After a month you will be required to apply Premarin cream two times a day. This would generally take around six months. Dilation is very important in post-operative care.  Here are some information’s about dilation.

  1. Dilating is a very important thing you can do to ensure the success of surgery. If the patient does not response correctly this can result to shortening of depth and width of the newly made vagina.
  2. Failure to dilate properly can cause serious injury. Patient will be instructed to gently dilate into the right direction after the vaginal packing is removed.
  3. Dilation can be very painful in the first few weeks but is essential for developing maximum depth and ensuring post-operative functioning of the neovagina.