Stuffs for Post-Operative Care – Sex Reassignment Surgery

Before leaving the hospital there are checklist on what stuffs to take home for your aftercare.

  1. Appointment card we will make appointment on 7th day after operation and the 2nd day after discharge from the hospital for partial stitch off. Surgeon will be examining the vaginal cavity and starts dilation.
  2. Name card of your doctor and hospital in case of emergency problem of your wound care and urination problem.
  3. A donut ring to sit on. It will make you comfortable than sitting in any other chair.
  4. Two sized of dilator or mold.
  5. Five pack of condom.
  6. Syringe ball for vaginal douches.
  7. Post-operation medications.
  8. One bottle of betadine.
  9. One tube of syerile gel.
  10. Eleven pack of bluepad.

Those are the stuffs that you need to take to your hotel or home for caring your wounds. The most important thing to keep in mind is that recovery period will depend on how you take care of yourself. In case that you have a normal healing and do not have other complications, you will be able to gain your confidence and you start living free. Actually the benefits depends on your outlook and reasons for having sex reassignment surgery (sexchange).