Review breast augmentation from Miss Ying

Review breast augmentation from Miss Ying

Review breast augmentation

Hello , I am miss Ying ,now I stay at Asia cosmetic hospital . My problem is small breasts. When I wear my clothes and I am not confident . I search the review breast augmentation from the Internet and the. I am very appreciate the review of Asia cosmetic hospital . Then I find the data of Asia cosmetic hosptital,

It found the Dr. Tanongsak who’s is the most famous plastic surgeon in Thailand.He is the true plastic. Surgeon and he is the Staff of Medical school , at Siriraj Hospital. I feel more and more confident. So I saw the hospital records. Asia cosmetic hospital has the very high standards ISO, JCI , world class standard. Therefore I decide absolutely to do breast augmentation at Asia cosmetic hospital and Dr Tanongsak
After consult with Dr. Tanongsak for the breast . He is very nice plastic surgeon and give the best information to me

breast augmentation review

Before entering the operating room , the staff keep my mind warm and welcome too much . I feel very good before the breast augmentation . Before the operation not only Dr Tanongsak to give the information ,the staff nurses at the operation room also give the information before operation too. After that the anesthesiologist gave the information motion for general anesthesia to me too

After operation, I felt no pain at all , it was very happy that after breast augmentation .I stayed at the recovery room for 2 hours and then the Pharmacist gave the information about the home medicine to me too.

For all of above , I am very appreciate to come to do the breast augmentation at Asia cosmetic hospital with Dr Tanongsak

When I stay at home , the staff at Asia cosmetic hospital called to me to follow up the symptoms and result and give the information to care the wound and activity . I felt happy and confident for this hospital too much

breast augmentation

Thanks you for the Dr. Tanongsak and Asia cosmetic hospital too much. If the friends who want to do the breast augmentation. Please come to Asia cosmetic hospital ,you will receive the best operation and best of all here .

How to select a breast augmentation approach

How to select a breast augmentation approach

How to select a breast augmentation approach?

One of the most widely-used approaches for breast augmentation is a silicone implant techique. Saline is contained inside the silicone bag. This bag would be placed at the sub-muscular position of the breast.

Autologous lipoplasty technique is another alternative for a patient who desires to perform breast augmentation. This approach would remove excessive fat cells including muscles and blood vessles from the unwanted area to be injected into the breast. This often uses with a patient who gets a breast cancer and needs to remove her breast.


Patients who perform a breast surgery can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Those who desire a bigger breast or need a breast enhancement for aesthetic purpose. This is nothing to do with disease. Most patients prefer using a silicone implant.
  2. Those who have a breast cancer and get their breast removed. These patients may need to get fat cells injection as a substitute for their breast. Lipoplasty is suitable for these patients as well as those whose breasts are not symmetry. Lipoplasty for breast augmentation (Thailand) is similar to those for other parts of the body. The surgeon also uses this technique with the eyebrow or cheek, however; the volume would be less. Normally, the process starts when the surgeon performs the Liposuction, purifies the fat cells and subsequently injects back into particular area. This technique does not need an opened incision and does not need local anesthesia. The surgeon would only apply a local anesthesia at the fat-removed spot and the fat-injected spot. This is not complicated and the surgery price is not expensive. The patients would become beneficial from both fat removal area, where the fat cells areunwanted, and fat insertion, where the fat cells are needed. The wound would be around 2-3 mm., which is really tiny. The wound would be hidden on the groin, which is invisible to the public.

For those who are interested in Lipoplasty, the surgeon would consider all factors related to the patients such as cancer history of the family members etc. Prior to the surgery, the sugeon would suggest the patient to perform a Mammogram check-up to investigate if there is any tumors existed in the breast. The surgeon would allow the patient to select fat removal areas.

There are several limitations for those who perform surgery using this technique. This approach allows only a slight enlargement of the breast. Lipoatrophy may occurs if the fat cells is over-injected into a small area and the Lipoplasty would not be efficient. Moreover, the injected fat cells may sometimes become cyst cells. Moreover, the injected fat may stick together and create some difficulties to the surgeon for the breast cancer check-up. This is the important reason why the Lipoplasty for breast augmentation is not as ubiqutious as silicone approach.

In conclusion, Lipo technique is suitable for a patient who desires a slightly bigger breast and silicone implant is suitable for a paitent who desires a really huge breast.

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

thailand - breast surgery

thailand – breast surgery

Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you are planning for breast implant then there two options available and they are silicone or saline filled shells used in breast augmentation and breast implant to enhance the size of patient’s breast. Thousands and millions of women around the globe today received breast implants for their own personal reasons. As technology changes, science and medical also upgraded and making new techniques of breast augmentation surgery. And because of that women become drawn in improving their figure.

1. Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Due to the continual advances in technology and science, gummy bear breast implant was made. It is the additional operation added to the family of breast implants. It is not yet approved by FDA but it is available in some countries.

 2. Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone gel breast implants are filled with silicone materials that can vary in consistency and firmness. They are filled before inserting in the breast.

 3. Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants have strong silicone shell and are filled with sterile salt water solution. They can either be pre-filled or can be filled through valve after inserted into the breast.

Those are just partial listing of types of breast implants. As technology enhances additional breast implant type is created.

Recovery Breast Augmentation

Recovery Breast Augmentation

Recovery Breast Augmentation

Recovering is the most important part in a breast augmentation surgery process.

You will need to clear all your schedules or leave work to ensure that you have ample time to relax and rest so that it won’t interfere with your healing process of breast implant recovery.

By this time you will already know all the side effects and risks associated with breast augmentation. The approach of the recovery period will affect the results.

Breast augmentation surgery takes 1 – 2 hours procedure so in that case patients can go in and out of the clinic in few hours. But in most cases doctor want his patients to stay the night in the clinic or hospital.

After the breast augmentation surgery patients are brought to recovery room and will be closely monitored for at least two hours. Some patients may suffer dizziness or nausea after the breast augmentation procedure. Dizziness and nausea are normal reaction to the injected anesthesia and should subside within few hours.

It is also normal to feel pain when the anesthesia wears off,  in case this happens ask your doctor or nurse for to have execute necessary actions. Those are just few of the recovering techniques you can do to recover faster.


Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Preparing for your breast augmentation operation is a very crucial step. In order to achieve the desired results make sure that you spend time for the preparation of your procedure.

Look for the well-rounded surgeon that you are most suitable of . And you will need to have a series of consultations about the details involved in breast augmentation procedure.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

Preparing for Breast Augmentation

You need to discuss your needs and wants with your surgeon, in that case, you must establish a good relationship and feel comfortable with him/her.

Women who seek breast implant don’t just do it for the size or shape but also the type of implant used in a certain procedure. Your doctor will discuss the realistic expectation with your breast augmentation.

Breast consultation is necessary in targeting the desired results. Be sure not to keep any secrets with your doctor and ask for any options available for you. You need to prepare yourself in both physical and mental state.

Another thing to do is  to adjust your schedule for the recovery time following your surgery. You need about 7 -10 days of resting. It is a must to take a leave and rest because breast augmentation recovery must be taken seriously.

Why today’s young women tend to opt for breast augmentation

Why today’s young women tend to opt for breast augmentation

Why must young women get breast augmentation?

Many people may want to know the reason. Have you ever noticed this? When we were young, our breasts were full and firm. Sometimes, when we went braless, our breasts were still in a pronounced shape and we could wear nice clothes we desire, showing confidently our alluring upper breasts. As time passes, we are getting older; our breasts which used to be full and pronounced become flabby. This is because, when we were young and in reproduction age, apart from fat and mammary glands, our breasts had a lot of collagen. This substance, collagen, will help our skin to be firm, with less wrinkle formation; however, when we are older, the mammary glands and collagen will continuously contract while the fat will increase its volume to fill the space, thus causing the breasts to lose their attractive shape as our grandmothers and mothers have experienced. Therefore, to prevent ourselves from losing the pronounced shape of our breasts before the natural time, we should wear underwire bras to help support the breasts.

Although this is not meant to maintain the breast shape permanently, it can defer the drooping for a period of time. If you do not want to spend money on getting breast augmentation surgery¸ it will be a good idea to take some exercise to lift up and firm up your breasts too. Unfortunately, most young women usually ignore taking exercise because they think that the gorgeous features will be with them all their life. Before realizing the fact of life, they will find that, when taking off the bras, their breasts have already pointed towards the waist or even the knees. That is the reason why young women who still want to have firm and beautiful breasts have to spend money on breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation Before and After with Asia Cosmetic Hospital

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