best nose surgery

best nose surgery

Nose Augmentation has various methods, let’s see which one is suitable for us.

  1. Nose Augmentation by silicone Implant  : this is the most basic one by putting silicone into the small nose hold. The surgeon will design the nose structure, then sharpening the silicone according to the shape to satisfy patients’ needs and make face the most beautiful.

The side effects after surgery by silicone implant;

  • The nose will swollen or inflected case or eve pimple around operation area.
  • The nose is lean. It may occur within the first 2 weeks, please come back to consult with the surgeon to protect revision.
  1. Nose Augmentation by suturing : this is the popular method for Tip Plasty by lifting bridge of the nose up a little bit and using dissolved suture, then putting into the nose to make more point or suturing Glabella to lift bridge of the nose up. This method has not recovery period, but it will appear only for bruised area, then disappear within 6-8 months by dissolved suture, don’t be worried.

The side effects after surgery by suturing

  • The suture will stay outside because skin is quite thin, if you don’t choose the expert surgeon and it’s bad.
  1. Nose Augmentation by Filler Injection : this is also the most popular method right now, but it can stay only for 6 months then you have to repeat it again and it seems to be not good when you always to inject it.

Whatever method you choose for Nose Augmentation, please consult with only expert surgeon because he/she can give you good advices before you decide to do surgery.