It’s hard to live in the Society night now because we don’t know whether these persons are really men or Women. Nowadays,the plastic Surgery in Thailand has Keeped going on and Approved that Thailand is the best Plastic Surgery for Sex Change both from male to Female and Female to male, Except for Doctors and Medical Students can Classify who are the Reality for that Gender.

The first person who had done Sex Change from male to Female named George will iam Jorgensen, Jr, usae was born on May 30, 1926  and died on May 3,1989 by Cancer. He had done Sex Change Surgery after he Graduated from Christopher Colum bus high School. In Photographer major since 1945. He was Conscripteol for army Service in world war II. After he came back here, he Starteel talking about the right and support for the 3rd gender According to Dr. Joseph Angelo. he Travelled to Denmark for doing Sex Change Surgery by Dr. Christian hamburger and  came back to the united states in 1953. New york newspqper had been Headlined that the became blonde Beauty and Changed named to Ms. Christian Jorgensen. She got the Interes by Public, Presented on tv Programmes also to be an actress, dancer even expert who gave Acknowledge about  Sex Change. She also was the Inspiration for the third Gender to stay in the Society.

Sex Change – Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand

by Dr. Tanongsak with ASIA COSMETIC HOSPITAL

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