How to operate your Nose Augmentation?

Before the surgery, the surgeon has to prepare raw material to augment on the nose which is “Silicone” by using nasal bone shaning method to be as preferred shape and be natural. For the nose surgery process, the Surgeon will give the patients Anesthesia after that he will use knife to open the skin within nose’s hole then using some equipments to open small hole on bridge area to put the Silicone  to maru up position to Satisfy patients’ need. Finally’he will use suture technique which hide incision within nose’s hold. The surgeon’s assistant will give the miwor to patierlts taking look on their nose which are already augmentation to emphasis that the patients will satify with the shape while the operation time. Most of patients don’t have any comments because they get an exciting for new nose and side effect from anesthesia,so they will node their heads.

Before/After Nose Surgery – Rhinoplasty in Thailand by Dr. Tanongsak 

After the surgery,the surgeon will give the patients suggestions to use cold clothes on incision aeea which is on the nose to reduse swollen, then give them pain killers, fever medicines and allow them go back home. The patients should come to the hospital with others to help them whide they take side effects from Anesthesia. When the side effects from Anestnesia is reduced, the patients will feel swollen so they need to use many pieces of soft clothes to freeze in the refreg irator to switch each other and massage on face at least 3-5 days until the swollen will be keeped on reduction.

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Before & After Photos by Dr. Tanongsak with Asia Cosmetic Hospital

alar reduction surgery - revised nose augmentation

alar reduction surgery – revised nose augmentation