A focus on post op care….

Breast Augmentation is a type of plastic surgical procedure that restores the beauty of the breasts by increasing its size and making it appear tighter. The reasons are for functional and cosmetic purposes. The process would be that incisions will be done on various approaches and implants will be inserted beneath the breast tissues or chest muscles. This will result into bigger and firmer looking breasts.

Post Op Care.

– Take a lot of rest; maintain a normal blood pressure for the rest of the recovery time.
– Heavy lifting should be avoided until 6 weeks after surgery.
– Body movements should be done carefully especially during the 1st week.
– Avoid raising hands overhead for at least a week.
– Driving should be avoided 7-10 days or until fully able to handle strict sober decisions and movements.
(Pain medications may hinder a patient’s optimum motor functioning.)
– Avoid torso exercise up to 6 weeks post operation.
– Avoid swimming and soaking in water, like in a tub or jacuzzi up until the incisions are completely healed.
– Avoid being under direct heat like the sun until the wounds are healed.
– When using “scar creams”, don’t apply them on incisions right away, wait at least 4-5 weeks post operation.
– Do proper breast massage 7-10 days post operation. (You may ask your health care team about this.)

Resting Position

– Lay down in an upright position around 45 degrees. To prevent blood pooling on the breast area.

Wound Care

– Watch for signs of infection, maintain incision cleanliness, incisions could appear swollen for days.
– Maintain incision dryness ,a drainage tube might be inserted into the incision
– Do take utmost care when cleaning self with water by avoiding the incisions to have moisture.
– Avoid doing shower up until the sutures are removed.
– Drainage tubes will be removed on a scheduled time so while they are there take care not to displace them.

Ice Packs

– Apply icepacks for the especially during the first 48 hours post op. Apply gently around and not on the breasts and combine with proper care to avoid the incisions being moistened during the pack application.


– Take prescribed medications religiously.
– May take stool softeners as prescribed by surgeon.
– Report right away any suspected allergic reactions to medications during the recovery.


– You will have first the surgical bra which would be worn up to 3 weeks or what is according to your surgeon’s protocol.
– You may then wear non-underwire bras after the surgical bra, and may wear this for as long as the surgeon prescribes to, generally 3-4 weeks.
– The normal underwire bras will be worn back when you can have the lower breasts sensation.

Understanding the swelling process

  •  It is very common for breasts to be swollen after surgery.
  • 2 weeks post operation, the swelling will significantly start to go down.
  • Generally, the breasts would swell on different sizes.
  • At least 3 months post operation, is the usual time when you can see the total result of the surgery.

For faster recovery and optimum healing a person must plan and study about the procedure and its recovery long before the surgery will take place.


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